Mini Flying Geese Using Foundation Piecing Pattern 

I love foundation paper piecing! It’s actually a super easy way of sewing precisely and a great way to use up fabric scraps too!

Supplies Needed: 

– PDF pattern – Fabric scraps – FPP paper – Glue stick – Rotary cutter  – Ruler – Sewing machine – Thread

What is Foundation Paper Piecing

Foundation Paper Piecing is when you sew your fabric directly on to a ‘foundation’ that has a guide printed on it that shows you were to sew.

A foundation can also be another fabric if a pattern is printed on it but traditionally foundation paper piecing involves paper.

I have made single FPP Blocks and then pieced fabric remnants around it to make a quilt.

How I use Foundation Paper Piecing

Joining Blocks

When joining blocks I remove the paper form the 1/4″ seam area after sewing right sides together and before pressing seams open.

Be sure to flip and check that your points are joining up before you sew!

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