Making My Reversible Denim Quilt From Used Jeans

This denim quilt has been on my upcycling bucket list for some time to make a big quilt picnic blanket from all my old jeans. I’ve finally done it!

There are several things you should consider doing differently when making a denim quilt out of your old jeans.

What do you have to do differently for a Denim Blue Jeans Quilt?

Denim Needle. First up and probably most important you need to get some denim needles.

Batting or No Batting. I looked around and found a polyester quilt batting that was advertised as being ‘low loft’ which in quilting means not too thick or heavy.

Seam Allowance. Another thing I read in researching how to make my denim quilt was that you should use a 1/2″ seam allowance.

Pressing Open Seams. What I did do differently with my seams for my jeans quilt was to press the seams open instead of to one side.

I have another post about how to cut up your jeans for sewing and upcycling projects to make sure you get the most useable fabric.

How to Cut Up your Jeans to Make a Quilt?

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