Making a Weight Loss Quilt – A habit tracker in Quilt form

Here is how I am using a weight loss quilt to motivate me to be healthy at the same time as making a modern scrap quilt!

You can use it for weight loss or any other goal that requires maintaining good habits to achieve it – I’m using it for weight loss so I’m calling it a Weight Loss Quilt.

What is a weight loss quilt?

The basic idea is that I will make one small and simple block each day (or do 7 at the end of each week!) which will record my progress in fabric. I am using my quilt as a weight-loss motivator.

Rather than recording just weight loss on the scale however I am going to use mine to record my progress in exercising regularly and eating healthy – which of course are the habits necessary to achieve weight loss.

Each block will be 5″ (4.5″ finished) and exactly what it looks like will vary depending on what I have done that day.

What will the quilt look like?

This is part of the fun of it. You aren’t going to know until you finish. I am hoping my quilt is going to look modern and bright and fun.

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Weight Loss Quilt Blocks Video Tutorial