Making a Quilt from Scratch - My Triangle Madness Quilt!

I get impatient cutting out pieces, measuring, and trying to figure out if I have enough fabric. So often I prefer to wing it, which is what I did with my Triangle Madness Quilt.

Tips Before You Start Making a Quilt without a Pattern

Set Boundaries This is to stop you from overthinking or getting lost in your own project not knowing where to go next.

Making a Start

I started with the idea of trying out my AccuQuilt Isocolese Triangle Die which I’d never used before.

I pulled out a mix of yellow pink and low volume/white fabrics to start off with.  Some were large pieces – fabric remnants I’d bought to eBay or form quilt fabric scrap bags.

Once I had done the initial cutting and piecing in pairs I made a slight change of direction, which is something you always have the option to do when you are making a quilt without a pattern.

Changing Direction

I had 8 rows of Triangles as follows:

Rows 1 & 8 – 15 Triangles Rows 2 & 7 – 17 Triangles Rows 3 & 6 – 19 Triangles Rows 4 & 5 – 21 Triangles Then I had to figure out how to add a background fabric.

In this case, the issue was how to add a backing fabric. Should I add it in great big pieces or continue with my rows?

Problem Solving

What I decided was to go with an off-white border on the top and bottom just to give the quilt that extra size.

Making Choices

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