Make Your Own Selvedge Fabric Tutorial 

Bland selvedge on fabric are long gone. Fabric companies are infusing creativity in the edges as well, making them exciting to sew with.

This is an easy technique and a fun way to use up leftover bits of your fabric that you otherwise might throw away!

What Is Selvedge Fabric?

A selvedge fabric refers to self-completed edges of the fabric, preventing them from fraying and unraveling.


I cut off the aesthetically pleasing side of the selvedge with about an inch of the fabric pattern as well, depending on the type of fabric.

Prepare Your Selvedge


For your selvedge fabric project to turn out best, I suggest taking a few minutes to come up with the order and placement of your selvedge strips.

Color Coordinated or Random?


Start with the selvedge edge (cut to your preference) and lay it down on your backing.

Start Sewing

- Using your sewing machine, sew as close to the fabric edge as possible, keeping the stitches on top. We aren’t sewing and flipping here we are basically top stitching.

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How to Make  Selvedge Fabric–  Video Tutorial