Make Extra Money Selling Your Excess Fabric With These Ways

If you have way too much fabric, you can clear more space and make money doing it – I made over $400!

If you are interested in making some extra money and getting rid of your fabric stash, here are some tips on how to sell fabric online.

Organise your stash into 3 categories: re-organize, quick project or sell.

Selling My Unwanted Fabric 


Measure for the exact size and take photos of the pieces you want to sell.

Get Clear on What you are Selling

Facebook Groups. To find groups to sell in, search terms like ‘fabric destash’ or ‘fabric buy and sell’ in the groups tabs.

Where to Sell Fabrics Online


eBay. You can list each fabric individually or create bundles, for example, half yard batches, or Fat Quarter Bundles.

Etsy. Opening a new account and shop (essentially your own online store) is free and the listing fees are minimal.

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