Lessen Your Trimmings With These Projects

I’ve come up with three unique ways to repurpose and reuse those tiny scraps of thread and fabric so that you don’t have to throw them away next time around!

These projects range from small to large and can depend on your preference or just how often you want to empty your bin.

A scrap fabric bookmark is not only a fun way to keep those teeny tiny scraps out of the garbage bin but also make great gifts for teachers and book lovers.

Scrap Fabric Bookmarks

This same technique can be used for other projects such as ornaments and coasters.

This project used up quite a lot of scraps and trimmings so it’s great if you have a ton of leftovers.

Easy Scrap Fabric Filled Beanbag

I made an inner cover and a zippable outer cover so that it could be washed.

If you’re up to a medium-sized project, this footstool is a great place to start. 

Scrap Fabric Filled Footstool 

With just an empty plastic container, leftover fabric scraps, leftover quilt batting, and some glue, you’ll be propping your feet up to relax in no time. 

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