Kid’s Art Portfolio Made From Fabric Samples & Scraps

This art portfolio is made from some large fabric samples, some offcuts of Thomas the Tank Engine fabric and some other leftover bits and pieces.

Kid's Art Portfolio 

It has slots for crayons, paper and stickers or stamps and can be carried around using a handle.

I had two thick upholstery type fabric samples, in bright red and navy blue check and I thought they would work well.

The fabric samples were just a smidgen off the measurements recommended in the tutorial I used so I decided to just go with it.

Novice Applique Technique

I just folded the raw edges behind each scrap, ironed the fold and machine sewed it down around the edges.

I used washi tape because it was what I had but you could use masking tape.

Top Tip for Crayon Pockets

Extra Pencil Case

I had two extra Percy the Train and Fat Controller scraps so I decided to put them on either side of an extra little pencil case to go with the portfolio.

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