Improvised Patchwork Quilt Squares

One way I like to cut down on my growing scrap fabric pile is by making what I call my scrappy quilt squares. They measure 3 & 1/2″ square.

I let myself cross over at angles and then trim a bit of excess fabric off when I need to.

Improv Sewing Method

Start with two pieces not necessarily exactly the same size, but relatively small – crumbs essentially.

Here is how to do it:

Then pick another piece and lay it at an angle. Notice where I would sew and what I would trim off.

Add your background fabric – basically whatever white, off-white, or sometimes black.

If you weren’t ironing all along, of course you should iron when you have a scrappy improv piece large enough to cut your square out of.

I find the whole process fun, but I really love this bit when I put my acrylic template down and angle it around different ways before squaring it off.

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