Ideas for Stylish & Fun Fabric Storage

These fabric storage solutions came from quilters who know that organization is key. They’ve turned some everyday items into fabric storage ideas that are useful and creative.

For my larger pieces of fabric – which I am calling a half yard  (half metre) or more, I thought it would be a good idea to fold these fabrics to fit my shelves.

Large pieces of Fabric

Anything from just under a half yard to fat quarters, a fat eighth, or even smaller sometimes I found a great option was to roll my fabric and store it in color-separated baskets.

Smaller Pieces of Fabric

I store these by color as well. I have been using packaging boxes from my monthly coffee subscription and adding a new color of crumbs each month.

Storing Fabric Crumbs

If they are a different width or they aren’t very long then they get separated by color and stored in a Ziploc bag.

Storing Fabric Strips

The majority of what I need to store is quilting cotton fabrics, but I also have a stash of men’s shirts and material cut from old jeans that I like to upcycle into quilts.

Storing other Fabric Types

Thread is stored in repurposed cutlery drawer inserts that fit on my shelf and allow me to pull them in and out to keep everything neat.

Storing Other Items

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