How to Use MicroStitch Basting Gun for Quilts

I recently bought my MicroStitch gun kit. I’ve been using it to baste my last few quilts with good success.

What is a MicroStitch Basting Gun?

A basting gun is a hand-held tool that can be used in place of pins, basting spray, or other basting methods. This MicroStitch tool holds the layers of your quilt together as you get it ready to quilt.

Insert the tags.

Looking at the gun from the top, you’ll see a sort of T-shaped slot. This is where you’ll place the plastic tacks.

Line up your strip of tacks with the slot. Slide the strip down until you meet resistance. Don’t force it.

Put the gun in slightly sideways so you can feel that you’ve gone through all the way.

Close-up View

Lay out your three layers

When opening and using your gun, be careful of the needle. There’s a small cap that comes with it. 

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Review and Tutorial of the MicroStitch Basting Gun for Quilts -  Video