How to Organise Fabric in Pretty Storage Units

I have been re-arranging my sewing room and looking for the best way to store my fabric to make it easier to keep neat.

In this story, I will showcase great fabric storage ideas from other crafty quilters.

I have an Ikea Billy Bookcase which is the storage area for most of my fabric.

Large Pieces of Fabric

I store the denim material in separate storage containers and I clear plastic bins decorated with wallpaper.

Storing other Fabric Types

Thread is stored in repurposed cutlery drawer inserts that fit on my shelf and allow me to pull them in and out to keep everything neat.

Storing Other Items

I store these by color. I have been using packaging boxes from my monthly coffee subscription.

Storing Fabric Crumbs

If they are a different width or they aren’t very long then they get separated by color and stored in a Ziploc bag.

Storing Fabric Strips

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