How to Make an Easy Sew Kid's Wall Hanging

This project is one where I actually knew what I would do with the fabric remnant before I even bought it. Perfect for my youngest son’s room as a wall hanging I thought.

Materials Needed:

– Fabric Panel – Coordinating Fabric – Fusible Fleece – Backing Fabric – Stick or Dowel – Twine

Step 1:

My panel ended up being 29″ x 49″ before it was sewn. My final hanging ended up at 27″ x 53″.

Square up your fabric panel.

I used another fabric remnant I’d bought in a scrap bag. Next I folded each of the short ends in twice (towards the wrong side).

Step 2:

Create the Hanging loop.

Then I sewed the folds in place. This step is pretty much the same as if you were making a drawstring casing for a bag just a bit bigger.

Step 3:

I ironed the fleece to the back side of the front fabric panel and then after sewing I ironed it from the back to fuse the back fabric down.

Fusible Fleece or batting.

Step 4:

I placed my hanging loop along the top of my fabric panel with the raw edges meeting and then pinned the backing fabric down on top (right sides to right sides).

Sew it up!

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