How to Make a Denim Quilt as You Go

In this denim quilt tutorial, I am going to show you how I join and assemble a denim quilt using quilt-as-you-go.

I decided to try to (roughly) pair up the blocks with scrap strips closer to the corner of the blocks with each other and pair up the blocks with scraps further from the corner with each other.

Step 1: Making the ‘Diamond’ Blocks

Regardless you are not trying to match points here, these are meant to be ‘wonky’ diamond-ish shapes so don’t worry too much about that I just liked how those groupings worked.

Before joining your quilt blocks to make rows we need to do more pressing. Did I mention pressing was important for this quilt?

Step 2:  More Pressing!

Use the same technique as above to press open your seams on the back of your blocks and then also press from the front.

It’s always a good idea to lay your blocks out somewhere like on a floor or a design wall to test out your layout before joining your blocks into rows.

Step 3: Quilt Layout

I laid mine out on the floor and played around a bit with distributing any repeated fabrics and keeping the different-sized diamonds distributed around the quilt top.

Once you have all your pairs you then pair those pairs and then add the spare 6 blocks to finish your rows.

Step 4: Joining Quilt Blocks into Rows

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