How I Organized My Sewing Room – Again!

With my overhaul last year, some of my best ideas were able to solve a whole host of problems. Still, there were just a few things that kept on nagging at me.

One of the biggest challenges that was still bothering me was the sofa I’ve been using in the ‘office’ side of the room.

Home Office Area – Before

It also gives me that extra bit of floor space for when I’m basting my quilts. The perfect solution!

Home Office Space – After

I was using a rather large dresser for organizing and storing all of my supplies. This just wasn’t working the way I wanted it to.

Sewing Room Before

I decided to get these Billy bookcases from Ikea. I built them completely myself in one evening so I’m proof that it can be done!

Sewing Space After

I also made my own quilt design wall which now sits on the back wall behind my sewing table.

Design Wall – A later addition to the space

I have upgraded to a Horn Quilter’s Dream Sewing Cabinet. I love it!

Horn Sewing Cabinet

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