How I Made the Learner's Quilt Part 2

This is essentially a sampler quilt but as I’ve been learning to quilt I’ve just been finding tutorials or patterns for different blocks or techniques and trying them out as I go.

Because this was a learner’s quilt with no plan for a finished size so none of the blocks were a standard size.

Quilt Blocks I Used

I’m actually really pleased with this Dresden Plate Block. It was a lot less fiddly to do then I feared!

Dresden Plate

Orange Peel Block

This is one of the blocks I tried that I can actually imagine attempting a whole quilt’s worth of (and I did!).

Scrappy Triangle

This was my first paper pieced pattern that was made up of more than one section and I was pretty pleased with the outcome.

Churn Dash Block

I choose to do a Churn Dash Block because it is such a traditional feeling block but I of course gravitated towards this scrappy version using 1″ strips from Patchwork Facil.


I did try laying out the blocks ahead of time to find a layout but often times things ended up a slightly different size when they were joined up and I had to improvise.

This first one is an Economy Block and it was paper pieced using freezer paper. I didn’t do it perfectly but it still came out fairly well.

Economy Block

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