Quilted   Advent Calendar

The idea of this quilted Advent Calendar is that a child will get a little treat every day of December in the run up to Christmas.

Materials Needed:

– Christmas Fabric Scraps  – Leftover Batting Scraps – Backing Fabric – Lining – Wooden Dowel

Planning the Advent Calendar

I had a piece of scrap fabric with lots of numbers on it, so I cut out numbers 1-24 to use as the numbers on my pockets.

Making the Backing for Your Advent Calendar

I used two larger Christmas fabric remnants to make by fabric panels – a glittery silver one and a black and white snowflake design.

Once the backing was quilted and I’d done another trial run of the pocket sizes using paper, I started cutting out my fabric.

Cutting Guide for Advent Calendar Pocket Fabric

BEFORE you cut your fabric you need to make a decision about whether you want to do kind of concertina-style expanding pockets or flat pockets.

I did some pockets with classic straight lines with a walking foot and for some I practiced different free motion quilting designs.

Quilting Your Pockets

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