Free Christmas Wreath Quilt Pattern

This year I made a quick and easy Christmas Wreath Quilt which can be easily adapted to lots of sizes.

To make my quilt I used the AccuQuilt Holiday Medley Fabric Cutting Die.


- Background Fabric - Mix of Christmas Fabric and Red and Green Solids - Strip Dark Red Fabric for the Merry Christmas letters (optional)


After my background fabric was pieced to the size I wanted I used a washable fabric pen to mark out a circle in the center of the fabric.

Marking Out your Wreath Shape


I used a free-hand ‘cobblestone wall’ quilting design that is basically a lot of squares and rectangles quilted over 3 or 4 times.

Quilting your Background Fabric


I used the Accuquilt Holiday Medley Die which also has Christmas Tree and Snowflake shapes to cut my holly leaves and berries.

Cutting the Holly Leaf & Berry Shapes

I used 86 holly leaves and 92 holly berries for my lap-size Christmas Wreath Quilt.

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