Frame Precious Fabric Scraps in This Quilt Block 

This tutorial will help you make a block of any finished size you wish to complement your favorite scraps.

These blocks are called Framed Scraps and we are essentially going to sew a ‘frame’ around our scraps and hang them on a figurative blank wall.

Materials Needed:

– Special Fabric Scraps  – Black fabric strips  – White background fabric  – Clear quilting ruler with 1/2" marking – Squaring Rulers

Step 1: Choosing your Fabric Scraps.

Pick some pretty fabric scraps in random shapes and sizes that have straight edges.

Sew a black strip to each side of your 'focus' scrap, trimming as you go so that each side of your frame is 1/2". from your seam line.

Step 2: Sewing your Frame.

Sew right sides to right sides using a quarter-inch seam allowance.

Continue adding black strips and trimming to size all the way around your scrap. This will make your ‘frame’.

Step 3: Adding your Background Fabric

Once your black frame is all trimmed start adding white scraps (or your chosen background fabric) to one side of your block.

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