Fabric Baby Colour Book Made With Scraps 


This Fabric Baby Colour Book has a textural sensory element to it.

This cloth book has pages for:

– Red – Blue – Yellow – Green – Pink – Purple – Orange – White – Black – Brown

My basic idea was to do an improv block of the same size – 6″ x 6″ – for each colour, add some batting, quilt the pages, add a cover and bind it all together.

Improv Style

I started by deciding which colours I was going to put in my book and then sorting my scraps in to piles of those colours.

Sorting My Scraps

I decided to make each colour page out of a 6″ x 6″ square. Mostly because I have a square ruler that size so it made it easy to square them off.

Making the Pages

Keep sewing until your piece gets so large that there's fabric sticking out from every side when being measured. Then you trim it down to a square and it suddenly looks a million times better!

To assemble the book the idea was to sew pages right sides together and flip them over.

Quilting the Pages

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