Easy Quilt Design Wall to Plan Your Quilt Designs

Any quilter can benefit from a design wall that helps them consider block placement before actually sewing!

Materials Used:

– Flannel – Heavy Duty Velcro – Thick Cardboard – Duct Tape – Batting

Step 1

The space behind my chair was just the biggest bit of wall space that could take a design wall. I came up with a maximum of 60″ wide.

I used some leftover packaging and duct-taped the pieces together to make one big rectangular-shaped board.

Step 2

Once you have a board of the size you want you need to cover it with some sort of material that will help your quilt blocks stick to it without pins.

Step 3

Step 4

Attach the Design Wall to the wall. I used some heavy-duty velcro. The kind that holds up to 7kg of weight. This stuff is strong.

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Making a Quilt Design Wall – Video Tutorial