Easy 9 Patch Quilt – Quilt in a Week!

This first beginner quilt that you can finish in a week is a simple 9 Patch Quilt free quilt pattern using mostly charm packs and some yardage.

Materials Needed – Easy 9 Patch Quilt

– 2 Charm Packs – Backing Fabric – Batting – Binding Fabric – Coordinating thread


The two charm packs I chose for this quilt had a good distribution of light, medium and dark fabrics. So I used that as my starting point.

Decide on Your Nine Patch Layout


Place the middle square for each row of your quilt block and place it right sides together with the left-hand side square.

Sew your 9 Patch Quilt Block


I decided to place my medium cross 9 Patch Block in the center with the light cross blocks on either side and the darker cross blocks on the top and bottom.

Decide on the layout of your Blocks


Sewing the blocks together is basically a repetition of sewing the internal rows of your blocks together.

Sew your Quilt Blocks together

Take your first and second block on your top row and sew them right sides together – using a clip or pin to align the seams.

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Easy 9 Patch Quilt – Quilt in a Week–  Video Tutorial