Creating Flying Geese Quilt Patterns 

The possibilities are endless in this Flying Geese Quilt Patterns  as long as the block can be divided into straight lines for sewing along.

Supplies Needed: 

– PDF pattern – Fabric scraps – FPP paper – Glue stick – Rotary cutter  – Ruler – Sewing machine – Thread

What is Foundation Paper Piecing?

Foundation Paper Piecing is when you sew your fabric directly on to a ‘foundation’ that has a guide printed on it.

A foundation can also be another fabric if a pattern is printed on it but traditionally foundation paper piecing involves paper.

Have a light source nearby so you can hold your pattern up to the light to check that your patch is large enough.

Tips for Foundation Paper Piecing

Lower your stitch length to 1.5 so that the needle perforates the paper and makes it easier to remove later on.

Trim your excess seams after sewing on each patch.

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