Creating A Habit Tracker In Quilt Form To Aid In Weight Loss!

Weight loss for quilters (or anyone really) can be tough, which is where the idea for this weight loss quilt has come from.

What is a weight loss quilt?

You can use it for weight loss or any other goal that requires maintaining good habits to achieve it. I’m using it for weight loss so I’m calling it a Weight Loss Quilt.

The basic idea is that I will make one small and simple block each day (or do 7 at the end of each week) which will record my progress in fabric. I am using my quilt as a weight-loss motivator.


There are lots of variations for temperature quilts, but the one I was inspired by you had a background square in one color to indicate the highest temperature on that day.

Like a Temperature Quilt – but different.

A circle appliqued on top to indicate the lowest temperature and the quilter had varied the size of the circle to indicate how they were feeling that day.

The background color for my daily quilt blocks will be an indicator of whether or not I ate healthy that day.

Daily Quilt Blocks

I’ll be using scraps and remnants to make my quilt so regardless of the colors I name below they will not all be one uniform fabric but rather a variety of fabrics from that color family.

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