How to Purchase Cheap Quilting Fabric

Quilting is an expensive hobby and it can be hard to find cheap fabric for quilting that you actually like.

Scrap Bags

Many quilt stores will also make up their own scrap bags too. Quilt shops tend to sell fabric in set sizes, metres or yards, fat quarters, half metres, etc.

Lucky Dip

As well as scrap bags I’ve also bought lucky dip parcels from quilt shops as well. It all depends on what kind of a quilter you are whether you will be attracted to a lucky dip parcel or a scrap bag.


If you’re not local to any good quilt shops but you would still prefer to buy from a small business Etsy can be a good option.

Another online option for buying inexpensive fabric is to search for ‘deadstock fabric’. Deadstock is a term largely from the fashion industry but it can apply to any kind of fabric.

Deadstock Fabric

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How to Purchase  Cheap Quilting Fabric  – Video Tutorial