Charities to Support With Sewing 

I personally find it difficult to look for up-to-date information about which charities are accepting items and how to send quilts to them.

This guide is my attempt to provide up-to-date links to make it easier for you to start sewing for charity.

Sewing for Charity Directory

Loving Hands

Loving Hands is a UK based community of knitters and sewers who make items for various charities. New members are always welcome.

Bonnie Babies is a non-profit voluntary organisation that makes and sends tiny premature clothes, blankets and sadly burial outfits to UK special baby care units.

Bonnie Babies

Ryan’s Case for Smiles is helping kids feel better so they can heal better by providing handmade pillowcases for children with cancer.

Ryan’s Case for Smiles

Snuggles Project

Their website has a range of patterns to knit, sew, crochet and even ‘no-sew’ a ‘snuggle’ that can be donated to an animal shelter.

Swipe up for the full list!

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