Baby Friendly Quilt Patterns (Parent Approved!)

Handmade quilts are gifts for new parents and baby quilts are often easy to make, so they’re a great project for beginners.

What Size is a Baby Quilt?

Baby quilts are often smaller and don’t have a specific size they need to be. They're made for different purposes like for cuddling, as a playmat and as nursery decor.

I Spy Quilt

This is a quick and easy baby quilt pattern that will become a learning tool when they are toddlers.

Rainbow Raindrops Baby Quilt

This is a great gender-neutral baby quilt pattern that has a simple design that uses colorful scrap fabrics in raindrop patterns.

Stroller Quilt

This is a simple and quick make and is super useful for new parents. It's a stroller quilt to keep babies and young kids snug on their journeys.

Easy 9 Patch Quilt - Quilt in a Week!

This is another quilt of mine - a simple patchwork quilt that even beginner quilters can make in less than a week.

The Easiest Quilt-as-You-Go Method Ever!

This is a little extra one. I made a baby quilt as an example of a quilt-as-you-go method that I got super excited about.

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