AccuQuilt Go!  Fabric Cutter Review (2023)

I once powered through cutting fabrics for a project and then spent ages online googling fabric cutters. I ended up purchasing a secondhand AccuQuilt Go! Cutter off ebay.

How does the Fabric Cutter work?

Essentially the ‘cutter’ folds open on to your table and you feed fabric-cutting dies through it and turn a lever to push them through and cut your fabric.

On the Inside

There aren’t actually any blades in the AccuQuiltGo! cutter itself though – the blades are in the cutting dies. The dies have a foam side and the blades that actually cut the fabric.

The Cutting Dies

The dies come in a wide range of quilting shapes. The ‘cutter’ then asserts pressure on the blades in the dies to help it to cut through your fabric.

What is the difference between the fabric cutters?

The AccuQuilt Go! & Go! Me Cutters operate with a hand crank but you don’t need any strength to use it, it turns easily.

So the idea is you will avoid the arm strain and sore hands that I got when I tried to cut that massive pattern without the cutter.

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