AccuQuilt Die Collection

I went through my AccuQuilt Die Collection and run-through of all of the dies I own and what I use them for.

My Top 3  Favorite Dies based on how often I use them and how much hassle they save me:

– Crazy Petals Die – Uppercase Alphabet Die – Strip Cutter Die

Value Die

Another die that I got bundled with my cutter purchase was the value die which has a 4 1/2″ square as well as a 2″ square and an HST cut all on the same board.

Alphabet Die

I use it for putting kids’ names on things mostly. I tend to use raw edge applique with fusible web and I have put names on backpacks, quilts and reading pillows.

Strip Dies

I have a number of Strip Cutter Dies for cutting fabric strips and I love them. The one I use most often is the 2.5″ Strip Die which I use for cutting my binding strips.

Blue Wren Fabric Cutting Dies

Each Blue Wren die comes with a cover and a cutting mat the accuquilt ones you often have to buy the cutting mat separately.

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My AccuQuilt Die Collection  – Video Version