A Beginner-Friendly Heart Pattern

I designed this heart pattern to look a bit like the Scrap Fabric Love logo and I made it beginner friendly for anyone interested to start quilting. I hope you enjoy it!

What can I do with my Free Heart Pattern Block?

– Mini wall hanging – Zipper pouch – Tote bag – Blanket – Backpack – Sampler quilt – Cushion cover – Coaster – Scrappy hearts – Row quilt

What Paper Should I use for Foundation Paper Piecing?

I used regular printer paper but that does require you to have a strong light source nearby so you can see the shadow of your fabric.

What Fabric Should I use for this Pattern?

I challenge you to make this pattern whenever your scrap bin is starting to overflow. Just pick a variety of low volume fabrics.

You can use a combination of different low volume fabrics to make it extra scrappy.

Background Fabric

I used four colours in my version but you could use different shades of the same colour too.

Heart Fabric

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Easy Free Heart Pattern – Video Tutorial