9 Ways to Buy Cheap Fabric for Quilting

9 great ways to find cheap fabric for quilting. How to find great deals on quilting cotton, find fabric remnants, scrap bags and more. Most of the suggestions are for online shopping too!

Ebay is probably where I buy the majority of my fabric. Most of it from private sellers – either folk destashing themselves or selling things from a house clearance.


I always recommend bidding your highest bid in the last 10 seconds of an auction to stand your best chance of winning it a at a good price. If you bid too early you can drive up the price ahead of time unnecessarily.


Another way to find great deals on all kinds of fabric are Facebook Fabric Destash Groups. These are groups dedicated to buying and selling fabric from person to person.

Facebook Fabric Destash Groups

This next suggestion is one that unfortunately I can’t actually test myself as I’m in the UK and it is a USA based site. I heard about Feel Good Fibres on a podcast and looked it up and it had so many beautiful fabrics on it I was gutted that it was US only!

Feel Good Fibres

I know some quilters who don’t like buying their fabric online or secondhand from other quilters as they feel like that’s being disloyal to small quilt shops. I think all the fabric has to come from somewhere so the person you bought it from probably bought it from a quilt shop original…but anyways…if you too feel like you want to support your local quilt shop there are still ways to do this and save money at the same time.

Quilt Shop Bargains

Most quilt shops, either in shop or on their online store will have a clearance section for remnants, off cuts or bolt ends (sometimes called bale ends or roll ends too).

Remnants & Bolt Ends

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