9 Ways to Buy Cheap Fabric for Quilting

Quilting is an expensive hobby and it can be hard to find cheap fabric for quilting that you actually like. Here are 9 ways that I use to save money while building my quilting fabric stash.

Ebay is probably where I buy the majority of my fabric. Most of it from private sellers – either folk destashing themselves or selling things from a house clearance.



I always recommend bidding your highest bid in the last 10 seconds of an auction to stand your best chance of winning it a at a good price.



Another way to find great deals on all kinds of fabric are Facebook Fabric Destash Groups.

Facebook Fabric Destash Groups


Basically it is a buy and sell site similar to ebay or a destash group – it’s all for offloading your high quality fabrics that you aren’t going to make use of yourself.

Feel Good Fibres


If you too feel like you want to support your local quilt shop there are still ways to do this and save money at the same time.

Quilt Shop Bargains


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