7 Jelly Roll Strips For A Simple Stroller Quilt

 This story will show you how to make a quick and easy Stroller Quilt using leftover jelly roll strips! You can make this quilt in a day and it makes a great gift for families with little kids!

Materials Needed: Stroller Quilt

– Jelly Roll Strips – Quilt Batting – Quilt Backing – Coordinating Thread – Sewing Machine

Arrange them in the order you want them on your quilt from top to bottom.  

Step 1:  Sew your first 6 Strips  

Fold your strip set piece together short ends to short ends and finger press to form a crease line.

Step 2:  Slice your Strips!  

Open your strip set it back up and cut down the middle along the fold line. One-piece will be the bottom half of your quilt and the other piece will be the top.

Step 3:  Slice your Strips Again!

When you have this base piece of strips assembled you are going to cut it into two pieces vertically. Then cut your strip set in two 6.5” from the right-hand side.  

Sew your accent strip right sides to right sides to the largest piece of your quilt top so that the strip crosses each of your previously sewn seams.  

Step 4:  Sew in the Accent Strip

In this case you want your batting to be  24” square at a minimum. Mine was a bit bigger which is fine too as you will trim it down after quilting.  

Step 5:  Baste & Quilt  

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7 Jelly Roll Strips For A Simple Stroller Quilt  – Video Tutorial