25+ Modern Scrap Quilt Patterns

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In this post you will find over 25 Modern Scrap Quilt Patterns to help you make a dent in your scrap bin!

If you’re anything like me you probably have enough fabric scraps to fill a giant tub (or several)!

modern scrap quilt patterns

Scrap quilts are a great way to make use up that pile of fabric scraps of course, but for many, the idea of a ‘scrap quilt’ conjures up images of mismatched fabric and randomness that might not be to their taste.

However, I thoroughly believe that scrap quilts can be both beautiful and modern.

Below I have compiled a list of modern scrappy quilts (some free some sold by talented quilt pattern designers). I hope you will be inspired to make something different with your scrap stash!

Check out the range of beautiful scrappy quilts below and pick your favorite!

moderns scrap quilt patterns

What Makes a Quilt Modern?

This is a tough one, and you will get different answers from different people, but here are some elements that you might find in a modern quilt (you don’t need to have all of them to make your quilt modern!):

  • Negative space
  • Asymmetry
  • Traditional blocks with a twist or used differently to make them somehow unexpected (bright colors and modern fabrics or a literal change in the block layout).
  • Use of solid fabrics.
  • Bold color contrasts.
  • Graphic or large-scale elements.
  • An improv or unplanned look (even if they were planned).

This definition is not definitive, and what makes something modern is always going to be subjective at the best of times.

25+ Modern Scrap Quilts to Try

25+ Modern Scrap Quilt Patterns

Check out these fun quilts with scrappy patterns to make good use of your leftover fabrics while still keeping your quilts looking fresh and modern!

Happy quilting!

Top Tips For Your Modern Scrappy Quilt

  • If a pattern calls for X amount of Fabric A (let’s say it’s blue), you can make that pattern ‘scrap-friendly’ by substituting ‘Fabric A’ with a whole pile of blue scraps instead of just one specific fabric. It takes a little more thinking, and you probably won’t be able to follow the cutting instructions letter for letter, but you will stretch your fabric way further!
  • Bored of your own scraps? Try swapping scraps with a friend and fall in love with making scrap quilts out of someone else’s new and exciting leftovers!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you modernize a quilt?

What sets modern quilting apart from traditional quilting is design features such as the use of bold prints and colors, asymmetry, minimalism, and the use of negative space (like my teardrop quilt).

If you’re still unsure, look for designs that are modern and trendy to your eye, rather than twee and traditional looking. And remember, ‘modern’ is in the eye of the beholder.

How many colors should a quilt be?

It’s entirely up to you! If you’re a beginner, you might want to use fewer colors or color value categories in your palette for simplicity.

A lot of traditional quilt patterns tend to use five or six colors. Modern quilts can use fewer as minimalism, and simplicity are often key features.

Often, the key is contrast.

For example, a low-volume background with dark or bright-colored focus elements will give a better visual impact than having both your background and focus fabrics of a similar tone or value.

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