How to Make a Simple Fleece Neck Warmer

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Today I am going to show you how to make simple fleece neck warmers (sometimes called a fleece neck gaiter or cowl neck scarf).

This is an easy project that you can adapt to any size. They are warm and cozy in cold weather and make great gifts.

neck warmer

Fleece Neck Warmer – Supply List

  • Anti-Pil Fleece – 2 pieces approx 25-30″ x 6-14″ (for a woman’s scarf – see more details and measurements below).

Video Tutorial

There is a video tutorial for this project at timestamp 11:33 of this YouTube video.

How to Make a Fleece Neck Warmer

Step 1: Measure and cut the fabric

Start with two pieces of fleece. They can be the same pattern or different patterns since the finished project will be reversible.


The pieces you cut are just simple rectangles. Here are just a few guidelines for how big to cut your pieces:

Adults – 2 pieces 25-30″ long by 6-14″ wide

Kids – 2 pieces 20-25″ long by 5-10″ wide

A wide neck warmer (14″ for adults, 10″ for kids) can cover from your chin (or even your lower face) all the way to your chest, so it really just depends on your preference.

For the best results, you should measure the widest part of the head so you can be sure the neck warmer will fit over the head of the wearer. That will be the minimum measurement of your fabric pieces. That measurement, plus a half-inch seam allowance, would be about the shortest you could go and still have it easy to take on and off.

Step 2: Sew the fleece neck warmer

Put the pieces of fabric right sides together and using a straight stitch sew a 1/2 inch seam along the long edge on both sides.

sewing right sides together
Photo: Scrap Fabric Love

Turn the long tube inside out then fold the tube in half. So now everything is right side out.

turn tube right sides and fold in half
Photo: Scrap Fabric Love

Next, we will sew the end of the tube closed. Think about which fabric will be on the outside. It is reversible but there will probably be a favorite side. If you have the same fabric on both sides then it doesn’t matter, you can start sewing anywhere.

Before you begin sewing line up the seams. Start sewing a little bit in front of the side you like best, or the side that will be on the outside.

For example, I am using dinosaur fabric and green fabric. I anticipate my child will wear the dinosaur fabric on the outside so I will start sewing on the solid green fabric.

line up the seams and sew
Photo: Scrap Fabric Love

I started sewing with a bit of a backstitch just a little before the seam on the green fabric.

I will join the raw edges of the right sides. You can use pins if that makes it easier to hold everything in place.

You can use a 1/4 or 1/2 inch seam, either is fine.

Line up the edges and sew the right sides together of the prettiest side of the fabric.

line up the raw edges
Photo: Scrap Fabric Love

Sew until you get to the seam on the other side and again go a bit beyond then secure it with a backstitch again.

Next, turn in the raw edges on the other side about 1/4 inch. This makes a bit of a bump, which will be on the back of the neck warmer.

You can prevent the raised edge by hand sewing it, but I prefer to do it on the sewing machine

Push the pretty fabric back so it doesn’t get caught in your next seam.

Turn the raw edges under then sew them together. You don’t have to start sewing right at the corner because you already extended your seam beyond the corner in the previous step.

finish the neck warmer
Photo: Scrap Fabric Love

Overlap your seam just a bit to reinforce it then sew the turned under edges together. sew as close as you can, making sure you catch both sides to close the gap

Just trim your threads and you are done. Turn it around and hide the seam on the back.

finished fleece neck warmer
Photo: Scrap Fabric Love
finished fleece neck warmer

Easy Fleece Neck Warmer

Active Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes
Difficulty: Beginner Friendly

Make a simple reversible fleece neck warmer in less than 15 minutes! Beginner Friendly!


  • Anti-Pil Fleece Fabric (see sizing notes above)
  • Matching Thread


  • Sewing Machine
  • Scissors
  • Rotary Cutter


  1. Measure the widest part of the head
  2. Cut two identical rectangular pieces using size guide for adult or child.
  3. Sew the two pieces right sides together along the long edge on both sides
  4. Turn the tube inside out and fold in half
  5. Sew the end of the tube closed, from one side seam to the other
  6. Turn under the raw edges on the other open side and sew closed
  7. Trim threads

Top Tips

  • When you close up the “tube” you can prevent the raised edge by hand stitching it closed.
  • If you want a bit less bulky seams you can sew scant 1/4 inch seams or trim the excess after you sew the seams.

Frequently Asked Question

Which side of the fleece fabric is the “right side”?

The right side is nubby and the wrong side is smooth.

How do I make a neck warmer that will also cover my lower face and chest?

Simply adjust the measurement of the width to make the neck warmer wider so it will cover your neck or chest as well as your lower face.

What other fabric can I use to make a neck warmer?

Wool will provide more warmth than cotton or polyester, that being said you can use fleece, wool, cotton, flannel or really any fabric you like.

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