5 Ways to use Fabric Scraps to make your own Fabric

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Sewers and quilters know that at the end of your sewing projects you are inevitably faced with the pile of fabric scraps leftover after all the trimming and sewing.

Some people have elaborate systems for using certain sizes of leftover fabric strips or squares of a certain size — or they’ve built up a bank of go to scrap fabric projects to use up these leftover pieces of fabric.

ways to make fabric from scraps

But what do you do when your scraps are really small? Or strangely shaped? And what do you do with your fabric selvedge edges?

5 ways to make fabric from fabric scraps

I’ve got 5 ways for you to use those small fabric scraps to make your own fabric or ‘yardage’.

You can make an entire piece of fabric in several different ways or you can use the basic method in each tutorial to turn fabric scraps into strips or panels to be used in quilt blocks, bags, or other fun project ideas.

For each method below you will find a link to the full tutorial plus some cute ideas about what to do with the pieces of fabric you make.

I also have a free sewing pattern for a scrappy quilt called ‘X Marks the Scrap’ that is designed to highlight some of this ‘made fabric’ – you can use any of the methods below to make the central X in the quilt blocks.

Materials Needed

  • Sewing Machine & Thread
  • Scrap Material – either scraps of fabric in different colors or selvedge edges (see different methods below for exact materials required).
  • Light weight fusible (for method 1 below)
  • Adding machine tape (for method 2 and optional for method 3)
  • Quilt batting scraps (optional for method 3)
  • Rotarty cutter and ruler
  • Acrylic template (optional for method 5)

5 Ways to use Fabric Scraps to make your own Fabric

It's time to clean up your sewing room and find some creative ways of using the extra fabric scraps from all your sewing and quilting projects.

For this post I'm showing you 5 different ways you can make 'new' fabric out of the scrap pieces that might be cluttering up your sewing space!

More ways to make good use of fabric scraps and fabric remnants

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